Competitor Monitoring

Price tracking, competitor analysis

Why should you monitor your competitors ?

E-commerce is one of the most competitive field.
According to several studies, over 90% or internet users use price comparison before making a purchase. And 80% of buyers think that competitive pricing is the most important feature of a retailer.
Your competitors and you have the same objective : to grow and gain customers.
To surpass your competitors and win market share you need to offer a competitive product assortment.
Paarly Solution provides you the best tool to meet the challenge.

The main principles of competitor monitoring

There are four main stages in monitoring competitors :

  • Collecting competitors data
  • Extracting comprehensive informations from data and format informations
  • Analyzing informations
  • Making strategic decisions

Who uses Paarly Solution ?

  • E-commerce
  • Manufacturers / brands
  • Buyers
  • Product Marketing Managers

What are the benefits of using PAARLY?

  • Obtaining reliable and readable data
  • Refining pricing strategy
  • Negotiating better prices with suppliers with evidence
  • Detecting shortages among competitors