Frequently Asked Questions…

Lingering questions concerning the PAARLY console? Allow us to offer you a series of questions and answers that will address your remaining doubts.


Is there any installation involved?

No, you have nothing to install, the console is available online through its cloud computing technology, SaaS. Only your login and password are needed to use the turnkey tool.

Must I type in the password every time I wish to use the tool?

No, you can allow your computer to remember your password so you don’t have to register this information every time you connect. (See the pop-up at the top of your screen)

Should I use a particular browser?

No, the console is available on all browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.).

On what devices can I use the console?

You can use your desktop computer, your laptop, or tablet to browse the tool.

Is the console available for multiple users?

Yes, you can register multiple users to the tool so everyone can manipulate according to their needs and confidentially. The technical team is responsible for adding the users you want.

Should configurations be implemented by the user?

No, you have nothing to configure on the console for its use. You must only indicate your competitors to us, and our technical team will do the rest. (NB: only optional configurations can be set up to set the console in a personal way, for example, choosing a competitor or a particular brand).

Are some updates to be expected?

You have no updates to perform, the solution operates automatically by conducting a daily data collection, without your intervention.


How long is my registration?

There is no registration period to anticipate, just select from the editions “START / STANDARD / PREMIUM” or a customized edition. Depending on the number products and criteria that you wish to define, you can start monitoring your competition within as little as two to three weeks. Don’t forget that you get a free trial of 10 days (http://paarly.com/plans/ or contact our sales team at +33 5 62 84 32 08).

Are there any costs to unsubscribe?

No, you do not have a cost. You can decide to stop your registration without special conditions or additional costs.

What are the payment terms?

Payment is by debit every month.


What is matching?

Matching allows for a correspondence between your products and those of your competitors. A truly comparable product also has a competitor. The matching is a key part of the solution, it is completely automated in PAARLY. You also have the option to add a matching manually, or to delete a matching that you do not feel is relevant.

How can I be informed of the changes made by my competitors?

You can activate an “e-mail alert” which will inform you of the latest changes made by your competitors. You can customize the alert by choosing the frequency of the alarm (daily or weekly), as well as the competitor to watch. This alert can be deactivated and reactivated whenever you want. You can also monitor your listing and be alerted if a competitor or group of competitors become cheaper than you or exceeds a price threshold that you selected.

Is it possible to export reports?

Yes, when you see the “CSV” icon in the top right of the screen on your console, it indicates that you have the ability to export data by saving them in CSV format. To do this, just click on the icon and your computer or tablet will launch the file, which you can adjust to your liking and save.

Is it possible to export graphics?

Yes, for each of the graphs present on the console, you can export them to .XLSX format and save them. Click the icon “Export charts as …”.

Is it possible to configure the tool to one particular competitor, product category, or brand?

Yes, your console is customizable to your liking. If you want to watch a competitor or a particular product, you can configure the tab “ADMIN” and assign a specialized configuration so that all the console elements (graphics, tables) will only apply to the configuration you have set up.

What is the maximum number of products that can be analyzed?

There are no limits to product analysis. The console automatically monitors the number of products initially planned during our collaboration.

Does the console take into account shipping costs or surcharges?

Yes, the tool can identify the postage and other surcharges on request.

Are multiple currencies present on the console? (€, £, $, etc.)

The tool takes into account the currency of the product as presented on the website, however the matching is done on just one—the currency of your choice.

Does the console integrate VAT into the prices displayed?

You have the opportunity to give us your preference on prices, including or excluding the VAT. However, you cannot compare your VAT with the price of your competitor without VAT for example. In other words, all prices will be displayed in the same way.