Competitor Monitoring – Price Tracking Solution

Monitor your competitors prices to boost your sales

Paarly Solution

Paarly Solution is a very powerful competitor monitoring solution that monitors online products to give retailers a bird’s eye view of the competition.
The solution is specially designed for e-commerce retailers and product manufacturers.


High Information Accuracy

Paarly Solution’s cutting edge engine makes heavy use of artificial intelligence, data mining, text analysis and image object recognition to reach an information accuracy rate of nearly 100%

Advanced Reporting

Paarly Solution delivers complete and flexible reports, letting you analyze your market in real time thanks to insightful charts, comparison tables, and spreadsheets.

Easy To Use

Our solution is fully automated and the configuration is limited to your competitor urls so there is nothing more for you to do. Everything is accessible through a user-friendly web interface.

Tight Integration

Paarly Solution can be easily integrated into your ERP system thanks to its API and our team support.


Boost your Sales, win new Customers

Paarly Solution shows you products that are priced too high compared to the competition. Adjusting these prices will bring you new customers.

Increase your Margins

Our intuitive interface can reveal prices that are too low or unavailable at competitors. Optimizing these products will increase your profit margin.

Negotiate lower prices with Suppliers

Negotiate better prices with your suppliers when our pricing intelligence solution indicates that competitors are getting lower buying prices.

Safeguard your Brand Equity

Monitor your reseller’s pricing activity and policy compliance, especially for brands wishing to enforce Minimum Advertised Price (MAP).

Plan better promotional Campaigns

Find the right time to plan and implement promotional campaigns to maximize their impact.