Competitor Monitoring / Price Monitoring

Monitor and analyze the online competitors or resellers prices

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  • The solution for e-retailers, brands and manufacturers

  • The Paarly tool is a pricing analytics solution for price monitoring and market analysis.

  • Designed for automatic data extraction from any website, the software tracks prices, assortment and stock levels of different players in the market. The tool also facilitates the analysis of changes in pricing policy.
  • Automated monitoring of competitor or reseller prices

    Compare easily the prices, assortment and stock level of each competitor, market place and price comparison. With the alert module, be immediately notified of a change of offer at one of your competitors or resellers.
  • Artificial intelligence and big data

    Obtain a complete and relevant analysis of your market (price, competitiveness, positioning, assortment …) in real time via automatic data extraction from any website and matching intelligence between the product catalogs of the different market players.
  • Ease of installation and use

    Start tariff monitoring as quickly as possible thanks to the PAARLY software platform which does not require any installation. The configuration of the tool is limited to the description of merchant websites at follow up: our customers have nothing else to do. The results are then accessible through a particularly intuitive web interface.
  • Repricing for online stores and service providers

    Receive recommendations for price increases or decreases to apply based on the evolution of the market. Automatically adjust prices or quotes via plugins for online stores (Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce …), CRMs (Salesforce, Adobe Campaign, Sellsy …) and ERP (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics ..). An API also allows customization price monitoring for a specific business need: do not hesitate to contact us.

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Benefits for brands and
industrial manufacturers

  • Control the prices charged by distributors, marketplaces and price comparison sites
  • Monitor any potential stockouts at resellers or marketplaces
  • Practice up to hundreds of thousands of price quotes with ease
  • Intelligently initiate commercial promotion operations at the right time according to market developments

Benefits for e-retailers

  • Boost sales and gain new customers

    The Paarly tool reveals to you the products whose price is too high compared to the competition. As a result, intelligently adjusting the prices of these products will win new customers and outdo the competition.
  • Increase the margin

    The software’s intuitive interface indicates your low prices and out of stock products at the competition. As a result, you can optimize the prices of these products to increase your margin.
  • Negotiate lower prices with suppliers

    Via PAARLY, you can negotiate better rates with your suppliers because the price monitoring solution is likely to indicate that your competitors get lower purchase prices.
  • Plan better promotional campaigns

    Find the right time to launch your advertising campaigns according to the evolution of competitors in order to maximize their impact

  • About PAARLY
    The PAARLY tool responds to the need to use artificial intelligence for service marketing strategies to outperform competitors or control prices practiced by distributors.

    Historically, the idea of ​​PAARLY software was born in 2012 with the observation by the founders of the company that price is often the key factor of the purchase decision on the internet (unlike traditional retail where it is rather the proximity).

    The future founders of PAARLY then realize the inexistence of a tool able to offer an overview of the e-commerce prices of the competition. They then develop a price monitoring solution for e-merchants who need to watch competing prices. The tool may also be used by brands and industrial groups which need to analyze the online prices of resellers.

    After the official birth of the company in June 2014, the PAARLY tool will quickly become the solution adopted by major CAC40 brands and several foreign multinationals to meet complex needs monitoring and tariff analysis: many products to watch marketed by many competitors (or resellers) in many of country.

    Today, PAARLY is used by over 200 online stores of all business sectors, including fifteen ranked in the top 100 for e-commerce French (source FEVAD).

    The ease of the software to be customized for the complex needs of large companies (interconnection with information systems such as CRMs and ERP for example) also allowed PAARLY to win several calls offers issued by French industrial groups of the CAC 40 and American or European multinationals.
    PAARLY’s innovative technology
    The PAARLY software is the result of scientific research.

    The tool is the result of 2 years of R&D by a team of researchers (including some from CNRS) to develop algorithms for intelligence correspondence and dynamic pricing.

    The artificial intelligence of the solution facilitates the accuracy of correspondence between product (or service) catalogs marketed by the various market players. Artificial intelligence is also at the heart automated repricing modules that allow increases and price reductions or quotes depending on market trends.

    At the same time, big data analytics and machine learning algorithms (oriented semantics and image recognition) allow to extract with details of assortments, prices and stock levels since any merchant website or marketplace.

    Finally, on the UX side, the tool is based on graphical environments that facilitate handling and navigation comfort in user interfaces.

    In the end, these advanced functionalities allowed PAARLY to become a industry-standard software used by businesses of all sizes and all sectors of activity: clothing, sport, automotive accessories, books, top tech, electronics, flower deliveries, gift shop, power supplies, health, beauty, drugstore, household appliances, homes, furniture, jewelry, office automation, pet store, toys, leisure, tourism, banking, insurance, travel …
  • Screenshots

    Dashboard Tableau de bord de la veille concurrentielle

    Product last changes Derniers changements de prix des produits

    Competitive Products Report Rapports sur les produits concurrencés et monitorés

    Distribution of products by category and brand Catégories de produit et répartition des prix

    Price history Historique du prix d un produit

    Product matching control Matching des produits

Competitor Monitoring – Price Tracking Solution

Monitor your competitors prices to boost your sales

Paarly Solution

Paarly Solution is a very powerful competitor monitoring solution that monitors online products to give retailers a bird’s eye view of the competition.
The solution is specially designed for e-commerce retailers and product manufacturers.


High Information Accuracy

Paarly Solution’s cutting edge engine makes heavy use of artificial intelligence, data mining, text analysis and image object recognition to reach an information accuracy rate of nearly 100%

Advanced Reporting

Paarly Solution delivers complete and flexible reports, letting you analyze your market in real time thanks to insightful charts, comparison tables, and spreadsheets.

Easy To Use

Our solution is fully automated and the configuration is limited to your competitor urls so there is nothing more for you to do. Everything is accessible through a user-friendly web interface.

Tight Integration

Paarly Solution can be easily integrated into your ERP system thanks to its API and our team support.


Boost your Sales, win new Customers

Paarly Solution shows you products that are priced too high compared to the competition. Adjusting these prices will bring you new customers.

Increase your Margins

Our intuitive interface can reveal prices that are too low or unavailable at competitors. Optimizing these products will increase your profit margin.

Negotiate lower prices with Suppliers

Negotiate better prices with your suppliers when our pricing intelligence solution indicates that competitors are getting lower buying prices.

Safeguard your Brand Equity

Monitor your reseller’s pricing activity and policy compliance, especially for brands wishing to enforce Minimum Advertised Price (MAP).

Plan better promotional Campaigns

Find the right time to plan and implement promotional campaigns to maximize their impact.